This Is How You Protect Your Cars

Image credit: Vetatur Fumare/Flickr
Image credit: Vetatur Fumare/Flickr

Our metal babies are great at getting us from place to place, but as inanimate objects, they aren’t the best at self-defense. That’s why it’s up to us to protect them from bad weather and bad people.

Last week, a reader wrote in, asking for advice about how to protect his cars while he rebuilds his house in the wake of the California wildfires. We turned to you for advice, but also cast the net a little wider and wondered how you protect your cars in general.


Now, I know we can’t all be #fancy, so armed guards aren’t in the budget for all of us. But don’t worry! Here are some options for all budgets and, uh, states of mind.

Choose Your Battles (ranwhenparked)

Save your effort for the cars that need it.

Park Far (protodad)

Yes, I make all of my passengers walk super far across the parking lot.


Storage Unit (chucchinchilla)

I have done this myself, just make sure they know you are storing a car.


Temp (heavysquad and dogrivergrad68)

Just have to have a place to put it.


Or This One (damnthisburnershitsux)

No bad weather no care!


Different Mindset (jb21)

If you accept this, your life could get a lot easier.


Extreme (81CJ8)

Emailed in.


Materials (FijiST)

Just need some good, old elbow grease.


Practicality (For Sweden)

There’s some logic in this.


Problem Areas (PatBateman)

Keep an eye on those parts that get scuffed easily.


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Margin Of Error

Moon is apparently a great place for long term vehicle storage.