This Is How You Drive A Subaru

As snow falls outside my window, now is a good time to remind you all that there is a right way to drive a Subaru: on the limit at all times, sideways.

Illustration for article titled This Is How You Drive A Subaru

Above is the late Colin “If In Doubt, Flat Out” McRae ripping the tarmac rally Tour de Course back in 1993. He’s at the wheel not of an Impreza, not a WRX, not an STI. It’s a Group A Legacy RS, sounding and driving like every Subaru should.

Remind me to build up one of these cars when I have the time and money and skill. They are bricks of pure cool.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


*looks outside to Legacy in parking lot*

Some day you will be a fire-breathing monster, some day.