This Is How You Detail A $3 Million Koenigsegg Jesko

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With a price tag upwards of three million dollars, the Koenigsegg Jesko ought to always look its best. That’s why when it was on its world tour last year, the team at AMMO NY was put to work making sure every little detail was perfect.

Detailing a car this valuable in the cramped quarters of Manhattan isn’t simple. Before anything else, the car had to be pulled out of its trailer, pushed around the block, and lifted three stories by elevator to a suitable detailing bay.

The team explained that the Jesko needs to be pushed by its spoiler supports. That wild-looking wing might look fragile, but it’s actually one of the strongest parts of the car. It needs to be in order to cope with the massive downforce it’s designed to generate.

After getting situated, the team gets working on preparing the car for its events. The whole process took hours and hours to get through the initial rinse, the washing of the wheels and paintwork, drying and polishing, and the detailing of the interior. That seems like a lot of work, but this car costs more than $3 million and each little fold and wrinkle in the bodywork requires a special touch to keep clean and shining bright.


It’s true that the car wasn’t exactly dirty when it came in for detailing, but the car does need a good going-over as its paintwork, wheels, and trim are all incredibly detailed and will be under intense scrutiny when the car is unveiled at its various events.

All of this attention was necessary because the 34-layer paint on the Jesko requires special care to keep it looking as deep and lustrous as it should. With twenty layers of base coat, one layer of pearlescent white paint, one layer of champagne-colored paint, a coat of gray, a coat of blue, and a coat of green, all covered by nine more layers of clearcoat, the Jesko is designed to give a really special impression when you see it. Without really careful detailing, all of that work is for naught.


In addition to showing how the car gets cleaned, the video gives a great overview of the entire car, from the story behind its name and livery, the details of the 1,600 horsepower drivetrain with its seven-clutch gearbox, and the interior of the car that I’m sure you’ll be interested to see as well. It’s a really special car, but then again it shoulld be at that price, right?