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If we’re honest, Formula One races these days aren’t exactly a toss up. Without unforeseen circumstances, like, oh, the two Mercedes teammates wrecking each other on the first lap, one of them will likely win. I groan every race, hoping for things to be less predictable. So, I decided to how predictable things actually are.

I did this, mainly, to prove some kind of point: either “I told you so, races are predictable,” or “OK, I will stop whining and wishing that someone, anyone else would win a race.” Let’s see whether I’ll be putting a cork in it or not.


Below is my prediction, made on Thursday night before the first practice session of the weekend on Friday. If you don’t trust that I wrote this on Thursday night, it went live on this blog on Friday morning. It took a lot of faith in myself to post that blog for you all to read before things even got going out here. Here it is again, as a refresher:

This is probably the only car race where I will ever root for a boring, predictable outcome to occur, but I sure was hoping for one this time around. I just didn’t want to lose my wagered freedoms to complain about F1.

Now that the race is over, here’s how I did:


Looks like I’m not putting a cork in it anytime soon.

Thanks for doing (almost) exactly what I expected, boys!

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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