This Is How Stupid You Have To Be To Steal And Crash A Porsche Boxster

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Jamie Lee Sharp was sentenced to four years in jail for breaking into a house and stealing the keys to a Porsche Boxster, taking selfies with the car, and subsequently crashing—imprisoning himself in bad decisions and the wreckage until the authorities arrived.

The dynamic duo broke into a house on January 11th, and after filming himself with the car, Sharp crashed it into a wall in the city where he was trapped until discovered by emergency crews and arrested. His friend, James Honeywell, had fled the scene.

In a video released by Gloucester police, Sharp filmed himself with the Porsche multiple times to show off to his friends.

“You like that Porsche? Keys. Obviously, I’m the drivah.”

Even he knows nobody expects him to actually be capable of owning such a car.

“Hey you little [cunt], I’m in a Porsche Boxster now look, hear the revs. I’m in a Porsche Boxster. Anyway, yea, I’m driving-it’s my friends car, innit. I just picked up a telly, innit?”

“It’s mine babe. Obviously, come on. I’ve got links. You know me.”

No I do not. I do not know you, and I don’t want to know you.

Along with the car, the goons grabbed a television, a wallet, and various other small items.


According to The Guardian, Sharp was arrested and sentenced for driving under the influence, driving “while disqualified,” driving without insurance, burglary, and “aggravated vehicle taking.” Honeywell was sentenced for 35 months on similar charges.

Clearly, he wasn’t the Jamie Lee Sharp-est tool in the shed.

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His real crime was shooting video in portrait.