Track driving is not something you can just immediately be very good at. It takes a lot of practice, and ideally you'd start in a slower car and work your way up to something fast. A Porsche 911 GT2 is not slow and isn't really the ideal car to learn in.


I'm giving this man lapping the Circuit of the Americas the benefit of the doubt and will assume that he is very much a beginner at driving on a track, because his driving is pretty appalling. 

What does he do wrong? So many things.

When he goes out of control, he grabs the a-pillar. While an important component of the car, the a-pillar does not have any contribution to control.


He also varies his hand positioning on the wheel, which is another no-no. But what takes the cake for me is that he rests his left arm on the window sill, as if he's out for a lovely evening cruise around town when he's actually on one of the toughest tracks in the nation. You are supposed to be relaxed while driving on a track, you just aren't supposed to be THIS relaxed.

Hopefully an instructor will be able to give him some tips before he either hurts the car or somebody else driving with him.

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