This Is How LA Looks Without Cars

How does the biggest traffic hell on Earth this side of Sao Paulo look without any cars? This video shows how. It's quite eerie. Did everyone die from a flesh eating virus plague? We can only hope so.


Ross Ching—the guy who made the amazing 3 Minutes short— made a video that shows the City of Angels with no cars whatsoever, shot with a Canon 60D and edited in Final Cut. [Thanks Ross!]



I love L.A., it's such a beautiful city & this video is a nice showcase (without the cars ;-) )

So many tourists only get to sample a small taste of the city, such as Santa Monica or Hollywood, and attempt to see too much in a short space of time, resulting in a large amount of time spent in a car (it's a huge sprawling city).

Living in the valley, I personally enjoy cycling around & not driving. There are some really beautiful neighborhoods, such as Sherman Oaks, Woodland Hills. And I love the diversity of neighboring communities, it adds such flavor to the city.

My personal favorite love of the city is being 20 mins from the beach & having so many awesome hiking trails. I've lived in London & New York (I love both), but only in L.A. can I hike through canyons & truly feel detached from the city ('cause we all need that now and again).