This Is How Hard It Is To Wrap A Honda Civic Type R

No matter how you feel about the new Honda Civic Type R, you have to admit its styling is a bit... complicated. There are lines going every which way, making the car busy to look at and difficult to wrap. But that doesn’t stop people from wanting wraps, and one California shop documented the entire process.


An owner brought this Type R into the shop for a matte gray wrap with glossy black accents, as well as the removal of the Type R line’s signature pinstripe that runs around the car and its wheels. The shop wrapped the entire car even though it came from the factory already in a glossy black finish, which can serve as a way to protect the original paint.

Wrap videos in themselves—whether on street cars or race cars—are terribly fun to watch, mainly because of the precision needed to put the vinyl on. What makes street cars so much cooler is, as you’ll see in the video, there’s a whole lot more to take apart and avoid in the first place.


This Type R had to get pulled apart on the front end and the back to wrap the vinyl fully around the areas you can’t see, and the team had to find all of the tiny pieces of damage and paint blemishes before wrapping in order to prevent them from being thought of as their responsibility down the line.

Here’s the full wrap, which made for a 20-minute video but is completely worth it to watch how all of this comes together:

Even if you don’t like the finished product on a vinyl wrap, the whole process is nothing less than incredible to watch. The Type R’s complex styling made this one even cooler.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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I’m bustin’ all my critics, pimpin’ round in Honda civics. Errrbody loves a fast car, that’s why I roll the Type R.

Doesn’t seem THAT hard. And I’m white.