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This Is How BMW Tested And Built Its Masterpiece E92 M3 V8

Illustration for article titled This Is How BMW Tested And Built Its Masterpiece E92 M3 V8

The screaming V8 in the E90/92/93 M3 was an aural drug for many. As much as the new M3 and M4's engines are more efficient and powerful, nothing can quite replace an 8,400-RPM redline.


The 4.0-liter naturally aspirated engine made 414 horsepower and when you mashed the throttle the thing really sang. Angels stopped to listen and Orpheus would put down his lyre.

These days the M3 and new M4 use a 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six with more power and more torque, and it’s one hell of a motor. But it just doesn’t feel as special or as revvy as the mighty V8 did.


This five-minute video is a bit old but we found it recently. It’s an excellent look into the wondrous engine’s assembly and testing. You don’t have to worry about annoying voice-overs or bad dubstep soundtracks—because there aren’t any.

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Here’s to beating a dead horse:

BMW S65, 4.0 liter, 414hp, 295 lb-ft, 450 lbs
Coyote, 5.0 liter, 412hp, 390 lb-ft, 444 lbs
GM LS3, 6.2 liter, 436hp, 430 lb-ft, 415 lbs
GM LS7, 7.0 liter, 505hp, 470 lb-ft, 440 lbs

Now why would I want to have an engine that’s completely unreliable, far too expensive, way down on torque, and keeps all the power hiding at the top of the rev range when I could have any of those other three?