This Is Every Song Ever In Car Commercials Aimed At Asshole Millennials

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Now more than ever, I’m convinced Father John Misty is a genius. Not just because his own music is great, or because he was in Fleet Foxes, or because he does insane things like cover Ryan Adams’ Taylor Swift covers in the style of the Velvet Underground, but because he just eviscerated the music in every eco-friendly car commercial.

This week the folk singer released a song called “Prius Commercial Demo 1,” a catchy folk song with utterly meaningless lyrics that begs to be a in a TV ad full of slow cruising in the desert at sunset, mustaches, hiking, biking, lattes, close-ups of MPG readouts and safety features, and Instagram filters.

Give it a listen right here:


It’s perfect. If you don’t believe me, watch this:

I would also argue it could be used in any number of Subaru ads too. Case in point:

Spin reports that the song is clearly a parody rather than FJM calling out for some work (although why not, Toyota), “a Springsteen/Ryan Adams/Lumineers pastiche mashing up heartland-folk clichés about drinking whiskey, riding trains, farming soybeans ‘and even corn.’”

It’s perfect for the Prius (or XV Crosstrek)-driving social media consultant/part-time organic urban farmer in your life, when he or she isn’t skateboarding to work, of course.

Is it bad that I think it’s catchy anyway?

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Reminds me of the stupid Renegade commercial.