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In the beginning, cars can give a much-needed feeling of hope for the future to their all-too-happy owners picking them up from the showroom. But after a while, cars become sad versions of what they once were, and that's when you get places like this Copart salvage yard treating someone's once-pride-and-joy like a worthless hunk of metal. I think I'm going to be sick.

I'm a fan of buying used cars. I'm also not a stranger to buying broken-down cars and turning them around. But when you see a car being hoisted on a forklift in a wet, dank junkyard and plopped down, the only thing to feel is hopeless for its future owner. This ceases to be a car and begins its life as a piece of scrap. As the narration of the video aptly suggests: "There's your fucking car". Indeed.


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