Two turbos on the V10 now dialed to produce about 1,800 horsepower at the wheels, a sequential gearbox and Dodson’s 10 plate clutch. Add drag tires, and what you get is a Huracan running the 1/4 miles in the sevens.


If you want a boosted Lamborghini, one of the companies that can help is Underground Racing. These guys have kits for the whole family, from Audi R8s to Aventadors, but their latest Huracans are the ones bringing home all the trophies.

Recently, a green UR Huracan reached 238.6mph in half a mile, and now, their red car runs the quarter mile in 7.807 seconds at 187.8mph. Here’s what the team had to say about it on Youtube:

After running 8.55 only a week ago we made a few changes and got right back out there. This time with our newest 10 plate Dodson clutch setup. When Dodson told us how much power the clutch setup should hold we decided to upgrade the car to the 2R level that makes approximately 1,800 WHP.Keep in mind we are only using a 19" Nitto drag radial. Our best pass of the day was 7.8 at 187 mph. Stayed tuned for faster times as we are will be working on the X Version DCT setup next.


Vin Diesel had no comment.

Four-wheel burnouts? Four-wheel burnouts.

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