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This Is A Scion FR-S Shooting Brake

Illustration for article titled This Is A Scion FR-S Shooting Brake

The Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ have gotten far more than their fair share of praise during the last 12 months. Most of it is deserved, but now people are running out of ways to heap good mojo on the car.


There's only one thing left to do: Imagine a variant that will never exist and make people drool over it.


That's exactly what the guys at Car Throttle did when they created the Toyobaru Shooting Brake. It's like a Scion FR-S backed into a Ferrari FF, a car I already have an odd lust after. Excuse me, my knees are getting weak from all of this wonderfulness.

In order to create the shooting brake, Car Throttle took to the computer to imagine what could be the car that unseats the Miata as the answer to every question.

Here are the specs:

  • Body length increased by 70mm
  • Current fold-flat rear bench is ditched in favour of a practical 60/40 split
  • Trunk capacity increased from 243 liters to 298 liters, with seats down capacity at 1040 liters (or 230 packs of diapers)
  • 0-62mph of 7.8 secs and 8.5 secs (manual/auto) due to 143 pound weight increase
  • UK pricing starts at £26,945 for manual and £28,445 for auto (Probably similar here in the US)
Illustration for article titled This Is A Scion FR-S Shooting Brake

I'm calling my local Scion and Subaru people to get this thing built. I suggest all y'all start doing the same.


(Hat Tip to Adnan!)

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Ahem. Ready to go, and I guarantee this car's enjoyment factor isn't dependent on crap tires. Plus, tons of cheap spare parts. (Looks are not everyone's cup of tea - I get it. But I like it.)