This is a Porsche with 10,000 bullet holes

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After the engine of his Porsche 911 decided to die (and take much of the cooling system along with it in some kind of powertrain suicide pact), the owner considered the $20,000 repair job and instead decided to donate the car to a non-profit. A non-profit dedicated to protecting gun rights. Let's find out what happens when you pump a car with 10,000 rounds of hot lead.

Who hasn't wanted to take a few shots at a 911, even an older model, after years of dealing with Porsche drivers? They probably owe us one. So rather than spend more on the car than it was worth, it was nice of this particular owner to donate it to charity.

In this case, the charity is Commonwealth Second Amendment (Comm2A), a group dedicated to "bringing some sanity to Massachusetts gun laws."

They're also dedicated to schadenfreude as they parked the car in a fake "no parking" spot so America can finally exercise its anti-asshat driver desires.


For those of you worried about a car going to waste, Tom from Comm2A (a motorcycle racer/gun enthusiast) assured us the vehicle was in no shape to be sold off for parts or raced. Also, he pointed out it was an automatic transmission.


"We figured it would be a good time, cars are nice large targets, these shoots tend to be social events, they're fun times for people to hang out, get together, and chat. Obviously, there's lots of shooting," said Tom.


The event was co-hosted by the Northeast Shooters, who estimated that approximately 140 people showed up for the fundraiser. It's difficult to know exactly how much ammo was spent decimating the Porsche, but 10,000 seems to be the conservative estimate.

As you can see in the photos, the weapons used varied from hand guns to rifles to a twin M2 Browning machine gun with basically everything in between. They did their the worst to decimate the spent 911, but even all their firepower couldn't completely penetrate the rear-engined sports car.


According to Tom, the Porsche held up better than most (and he assured me they've shot plenty of cars).

"Right by the gas cap there are almost no rounds penetrating through the car. It's amazingly strong enough to not allow rounds to go through all the way. There was another spot between the engine and the passenger compartment that didn't allow rounds to go through," said Tom. "That basically just lets me know whatever passenger zone it was strong enough to stop bullets."


It's true. Take a look at the after photos and you'll see a few places where few, if any, rounds penetrated. Maybe that's why Porsche drivers feel so brazen about cutting people off.

Perhaps they should test a BMW next.

Photos courtesy of Donna Major and John Beauchemin, hat tip to Zappa for the tip!