This Is A Great Case For Staying Off The Highway In Foggy Conditions

Gif: KCBD 11

There is no scarier road condition than thick soupy ground-level fog, and when conditions are as harrowing as depicted in this news camera footage the interstate is the absolute last place I would want to be. There is threat from all sides, because you simply don’t know when traffic might be stopped ahead, and you don’t know when some Leeroy Jenkins behind you might come barreling in maintaining 80 miles per hour. Both were the case here.


Previous accidents had called several first responders and the local news crew to the scene. The Texas Department of Public Safety had deployed troopers to the scene in order to get cars cleared and get traffic moving again before it became a catastrophe. Of course, that’s exactly what happened.

Just moments after an SUV hauling an RV are ushered to move through the scene of the accident a massive tractor trailer and a full sized SUV are apparently drag racing each other through the accident scene. When the driver of the SUV realizes that cars are stopped ahead, it turns sharply into the tractor trailer, causing a chain reaction that takes out at least four additional vehicles.

An DPS Trooper was hit by the trailer as it slid across the grass. The trooper was taken to the hospital in nearby Lubbock to be examined. Another person was trapped in the white pickup on the left of the screen as the trailer came to rest on top of it. They were then extricated and sent to the same hospital with serious injuries. According to local NBC affiliate KCBD 11 these were the only two injuries, miraculously.

A shitshow. A clusterfuck. An omnishambles. No matter how you phrase it, this situation devolved mighty quickly. If your visibility is limited, slow down and try to get off of high-speed corridors as soon as you can. Keep your head on a swivel and keep an eye on your rear-view as best you can. Go slow and arrive alive.


This would be a seriously shitty way to die. Be safe.

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