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Nothing says "Hey look at me!" like driving a Lamborghini, but if you're going to rock one, how do you outdo other Lambo drivers' ostentatiousness? Cover yours in chrome, of course.


A chrome clad Lamborghini Gallardo (especially one with a BULRUN license plate) like this one is bound to be a head turner, and will certainly be a conversation starter, even if that conversation revolves around whether or not this car is cooler/lamer than Justin Bieber's Fisker Karma. Reddit users turned us on to this gem, and had a lot to say about it, mostly in the form of dissing it as over the top. But there were a few commenters who were more enthused about the car's finish.

Lambos are made to be in-your-face and over the top. Stop with all this "natural beauty" bullshit. The car looks fucking sick and every one of you would rock that all day.


The Justin Bieber conversation devolved into advanced Bieber hating. Apparently some readers felt that Bieber rakes in obscene amounts of tail for being such a talentless clown, and were disposed to think that women into the 18-year-old pop star were either lacking in mental faculties or very, very young. Hmmm...

But the brilliant shine of a fast car was enough to hold most people, as this comment from solidsnakem9 illustrates:

i dont care if that shit had a dumpster green paint finish, i will still drive a Lambo


Photo credit: grantbwilson on Reddit

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