Forget big-horsepower trucks. Forget big-horsepower station wagons. Big-horsepower minivans are where it's at, and Bisimoto's 1,029 horsepower Honda Odyssey Power-Van is the new king.

Bisimoto (the guy who built possibly the gnarliest Honda Wagovan in the world as well as possibly the gnarliest turbo 911 in America) is responsible for this unfortunately slammed but very righteously turbocharged Odyssey.

How'd Bisi get 1,029 horsepower out of this minivan? Well, two Turbonetics BTX7265 strapped to the 3.5 liter V6 do most of the work, but there are new pistons, cylinder heads, injectors, plugs, rods, electronics, and some more odds and ends I don't have room to mention. You can see the full list of changes here at Honda.


Well, I should also mention that the interior was redone in custom leather, even the shift knob. Why the shift knob? Because this thing is a three-pedal manual.


It's okay to drool. I understand.

The moral of the story is that hugely overpowered minivans are pretty hilarious these days. This Power-Van sets the bar pretty high, but the more ridiculous minivan builds I see, the better.

Photo Credits: Honda, Newspress