What you see here is a flock of the most desirable Ferraris ever built — all assembled on a single ferry. That includes a huge percentage of the entire GTO production run. An estimated $160 million worth of Italian metal calmly crossing the sea. Even the police escort is impressed. What's going on here?

The Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance attracts the rarest and most valuable cars, like the $3.7 million Porsche 550 sold on Saturday. But it's an island, as the name implies.


Thus the ferry.

Photographer Justin Lapriore of Let's Make Media, who was cool enough to provide the photo to Jalopnik, explains how he captured this once-in-a-lifetime shot:

Here's the skinny on how this went down. The GTOs were supposed to go for a road tour with Cobras, Cadillacs and Corvettes, but they left on their own.

My Father and I set up on the South Bridge off of Amelia Island for some video and quick stills. The group blew past us at full song. We hopped in the car and chased them to the Mayport ferry, we were the last car onto the ferry with the GTOs. We paraded out to the naval/air station at Mayport, the group parked in a back lot and went inside for some time, the cars were all ours for 45 mins or so.

We took roughly 6.5 gazillion photos (days and chances like this are rare). I made friends with the owner of the 1951 212 Import and he offered me the passenger seat for the ride back (A sweet and MOST generous guy. Thanks Peter!) so we chased the GTO's back to Fernandina beach where they parked and were mobbed.

It's an amazing get and a wonderful photo.

There are more images over on Justin's site if you don't believe the photo is real.


We took an estimate of $140-$160 million in cars based on the vehicles we saw there. Can you name them all?

Photo Credit: Justin Lapriore

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