This video purportedly from Sharana, Afghanistan shows a pilot in an Apache AH-64 helicopter flying close enough to the ground to cause soldiers witnessing the incident to scream "Oh my God" before the helicopter hits the surface, nearly cutting into numerous soldiers before it spins wildly out of control. Supposedly, everyone survived. UPDATE.

There are conflicting reports as to whether or not this was negligent showboating or an accident caused by doing a return to target maneuver during high altitude practice.


But, all reports seem to agree that everyone somehow survived.

UPDATE: If this is Forward Operating Base Sharana in the Paktika Province of Afghanistan (compare to photos of the base) then this pilot was likely from the 1st Battalion 227th Aviation Regiment. We're trying to confirm the condition and unit.

UPDATE 2: Danger Room places the crash at an outpost in Marzak also in the Paktika region.


UPDATE 3: A military spokesperson confirms the incident happened on February 8th, telling ABC News no one was killed and that the issue was under investigation.

(Hat tip to Ed!)