This Insane Crash Shows Why The Nurburgring Is So Dangerous

The Nurburgring is challenging enough at over 14 miles long and with over 100 corners, but add in a narrow track, small runoff areas, and heavy traffic, and you've got a recipe for disaster. And disaster looks like not only spinning off the wall, but actually flying into the air.

It looks like the BMW 1-Series here overcooked the exit coming out of the right-hand bend, and in trying to correct the driver sent it into the Armco. Despite what did not look like a Fun Time, the core structure of the car looked to remain intact. Unfortunately we don't know much more about the occupants besides what's in this video.


That's mostly because the people who took the video just sort of drove off and laughed, instead of, you know, following the actual rules.

If you're going to go to the Nurburgring, you may just have a crash. Wear a helmet, kids.

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