Drag racing is all about reaction times, power, and traction, but if you don't have that last part of the equation you're going to have a bad time. That rule holds true even in a Nissan GT-R, no matter how many wheels are powered by the engine or how many computers it's got. Cue the spectacular explosion of parts when it careens off the track.

Originally shot by dragtimes.ru in the Dmitrovsky District outside Moscow, the GT-R on the right looks like it's headed for a normal run on a drag strip when it suddenly breaks to the left, slamming into the end of a guardrail and becoming airborne from the impact. It then proceeds to spin at least five times before finally coming to a halt.


Luckily, the driver seems to be okay, and even has some clothing already hung up on a hanger because she is just that smooth, like this sort of thing happens every day on her way back from the dry cleaners. Also, she's not wearing a helmet, because Russia.

We should be expecting a dashcam view of this crash shortly, also because Russia.

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