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This Insane 70-Car Pileup In The Fog Feels Like A Horror Movie

Hey kids! Here’s a hot driving tip: if you can’t see shit, slow down! Now have your gramma cross-stitch that into a pillow and then shove that in a time machine and send it to Slovenia yesterday, where dense fog caused this awful 70 car pileup.


This nightmare happened near about 42 miles southwest of Ljubljana, Slovenia, where visibility that seems to be three or four car lengths at the most made driving especially difficult. Thirty people were injured, and four killed in the pileup of around 70 cars.

This video is pretty disturbing to watch, with people leaving their cars and seeking safety on the steep grassy embankment, away from the cars slamming into the growing clot of disabled vehicles.


With the dashcam facing forward, you only have the audio and the terrified faces of the people to read to know when another car hits the group, which makes this whole scene even more chilling.

In visibility like this, you just can’t go fast. You just can’t. If you can’t see what’s right ahead of you, you can’t prepare to stop in time, and you end up with awful messes like this.

Be careful out there.

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some more details from a local. The report is indicating that certain cars were driving at 180 km/h (speed limit is 130) and that the first collision happened between with a Ukranian driven involved. Not that Ukranian drivers are bad, but once they reach Slovenia (usually in the same day), they get scary tired. We have had this problem for a while now, mostly with Ukranians and Romanians, driving 12h+ non stop and causing horrifying accidents on our highways. Our police is still thinking of a mechanism to stop these accidents waiting to happen, but it seems they are still failing at that.

From what we saw here in Slovenia, it is amazing that only 4 people died. It seems that we need to thank the car engineers, NCAP and other standards for that.
There was a photo of a new MB S class being shred to pieces while apparently driver walked away.

And a colleague of mine missed the pile up by 15 minutes.

Thats life, I guess. And another reminder that new cars actually do save people. And driving around in a 15 year old car these days makes little rational sense.