This Incredible Recording Trick Makes It Sound Like You're At The Track

The hills are alive with the sound of F1. Screencap via 19Bozzy92.
The hills are alive with the sound of F1. Screencap via 19Bozzy92.

What’s binaural audio? It’s the trick of recording with microphones at ear-distance apart to simulate the effect of listening through human ears. The end result sounds so realistic, it must be turned up to 11 to be believed. Grab your headphones. Let’s walk around a few Italian tracks to soak in the noise.

19Bozzy92 has a running series of these binaural audio recordings, the latest of which is this walk around during a Formula V8 3.5 Series race. Not only do these high-strung racing V8s sound fantastic, but they sound especially realistic thanks to the recording method.


Ears don’t hear sounds at the same time. Sound waves reach one ear, then the other. So, if you want more realistic audio, you can set up two microphones as ears with some kind of stand-in head in the middle to interrupt sound waves, just as a human head would.

The end result makes you feel like you’re in 19Bozzy92's shoes, doing things like wandering around checking out the older Ferrari Formula One cars that came out for the F1 Clienti weekend at Mugello. This video’s ear-piercing howl is just the sound we’ve all been missing with the switch to quieter V6 F1 cars, so I consider this short video a public service.

If endurance cars are more your thing, here’s a clip of a World Endurance Championship and European Le Mans Series test weekend at Monza.

Let’s not forget the art of nuking tires, either. 19Bozzy92 also captured a Drift No Profit Free Practice session at Castelletto di Branduzzo.


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Thanks, Stef, for showing me some of the best background audio to listen to while I’m working. This is fantastic.