Holy crap. If you're a human with functioning eyes, that's what's going through your mind. That GIF there is footage from a police car's dash cam during a traffic stop off of I-80 near Oxford, Iowa. The UFO there is a truck, which are normally flightless. And, incredibly, no one was hurt.

The flying truck, which appears to be a utility-company-type enclosed pickup, clipped the rear of Trooper Jess Hernandez' patrol car after being hit by a semi truck. The utility truck then careened from the rear of the patrol car, where it became aloft, flying dramatically between the stopped car and the patrol car.


The flying truck landed on the far side of a ravine parallel to the road, and made a pretty damn good landing, I'd say, with the driver regaining control of the truck well enough to bring it to a safe landing/stop on the shoulder.

Incredibly, no one was hurt, which is especially incredible when you see that the truck passed within feet of the Trooper standing by the passenger side of the stopped car.

I'm sure the biggest casualties were the 3 or so pairs of pants that were irretrievably soiled.

On a side note, the reflection of cop car lights on a stopped car sure make it look like the car's on fire, don't they?

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