This Hummer H2 Fitted With 13-Inch Wheels Looks Like A Gorilla On A Tricycle

Gif: Garage 54

Art is an expression of creativity that can be manifested in any number of ways, including fitting 13-inch Lada wheels to the American monstrosity known as the Hummer H2. The kings of oddball automotive projects at Garage 54 have put the absolute limits of human creativity on full display here, as this has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in all my days.


Obviously with an 8-lug bolt pattern and a huge center bore, there isn’t any wheel on the market today that will fit, and that’s to say nothing of the ability for such a small wheel to fit over the Hummer’s comparatively massive brake rotor. No matter, simply cut the center out of a steel wheel out with 8 notches for the lug bolts, then use a big washer to clamp the wheel to the hub.

And as for fitting the wheel over the brakes on the big black truck, just go head and flip the wheel so the outer face of the wheel is pressed against the hub, pushing the entirety of the wheel outboard of the suspension. It’s a weird setup, but it works, I guess.

Oh, and for good measure, make sure you use tube tires for maximum WTF.

Amazingly, this whole idea does technically work. By going from the stock Hummer wheel to the tiny Lada 13, the truck is lowered by at least a foot, and the rear differential is mere inches off the ground. But, it still functions well enough to move around a bit. This totally screws with the Hummer’s effective gear ratios, too!

In addition to looking totally wonky this Hummer at least benefits from the slightly increased awesomeness of gold wheels. Gold wheels work on everything. Especially when that thing is an incredible piece of art in the highest display of human creativity.

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Hayden Lorell

This isn’t the type of stupid I asked for...

But it is the type of stupid I need this morning.