This Huge Crash Shows Exactly Why You're A Dumb Fuck If You Street Race

Street racing is dumb. I repeat: street racing is dumb. This fiery Mercedes crash down in Colombia just proves that point. Thankfully no one was injured, but STREET RACING IS DUMB.

Not only did they manage to hold up traffic just to start the race (dumb), they also held it in a tunnel (dumb), and then (dumb) Mercedes guy, who apparently started the race late (dumb) decided they were just going to bring up the rear anyways (dumb), and then tried to just hoof it up anyways (dumb), forgetting that a Mercedes hatchback will naturally suffer from terminal understeer (dumb), because that’s what always happens when some (dumb) “racer” who has no idea what they’re doing forgets that there’s a brake pedal, but that shouldn’t be a problem anyways because holy crap just go a track.


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Let’s not throw stones. Who among us hasn’t overcooked it in that exact tunnel multiple times?