This Horrible Accident Is Why The Swedish Moose Test Exists

The Swedish Moose Test is infamous for finding stability issues in cars. It sounds silly on first hearing, but it actually makes a lot of sense. And this video, fittingly from Sweden, shows why it exists. Warning for the squeamish readers of the world: it's a graphic shot of a flying moose.


Someone who speaks Swedish should feel more than free to chime in with a translation, but it's readily apparent that when the BMW hits the moose, it shatters the windshield and sends the poor creature soaring through the air. The occupants of the car are probably lucky in that it didn't go flying through their windshield instead.


BMW might want to join Volvo in investigating moose-mitigation technology. Help stop the Moose Menace, before it's too late.

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I think the biggest problem with moose is that they have poor eyesight.