This Honda Accord Crash Shows Why You Shouldn't Engage Aggressive Drivers

The Honda driver is said to be "ok" after the rollover

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We’ve all had our fair share of run-ins with overly aggressive drivers. Whether it’s passing on the right, Jersey sliding to an exit, or just weaving between lanes like a high-speed Office Space commute, nearly everyone can name a time they’ve seen another driver doing something genuinely unsafe. When two aggressive drivers meet, however, the consequences can be be even more severe — as this footage of a Ford Raptor and Honda Accord shows.

The original video, posted to YouTube by user Racerwong.Shooterwong on January 24, shows a Honda Accord trying to get around a Ford Raptor and a series of other SUVs while traveling northbound on Palisades Interstate Parkway in New Jersey. The Accord, underpinned by Racerwong.Shooterwong’s narration in what appears to be an Uncle Roger impression, attempts to use the last remnants of an on ramp to pass the right-lane vehicles and get around the truck. Instead, the Accord ends up hitting a rock face and flipping upside down in the shoulder.

Three days later, Racerwong.Shooterwong uploaded another video of the crash. This one, from a dashcam rather than a handheld camera, provides some extra context for the collision. In it, the Raptor is seen pacing the vehicle in the right lane and brake-checking the Accord — not letting the sedan past.


The Raptor seems consistent, between both videos, in two things: Holding place in the left lane, and doing everything in its power to prevent the Accord from passing. It’s unclear if the two had had a prior run-in on the road, or if the truck driver simply didn’t want the sedan getting ahead.

Both videos end with Racerwong.Shooterwong and the Raptor passing the crashed Accord, though the initial handheld video shows another vehicle stopping to help. Racerwong.Shooterwong claims to have spoken to police, and was told that the Accord driver is “ok” after the crash. Palisades Interstate Parkway Police didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.


Update Feb. 4, 2022 at 10:07 a.m. ET: We’ve updated the article to use the videographer’s YouTube username rather than his legal name.