This homemade hoverbike is a real life Star Wars speeder

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Australian engineer Chris Malloy has spent his spare money and time building a flying motorcycle he calls the Hoverbike. The Imperial Speeder Bike-like bike could reach 10,000 feet and fly 170 mph when finished.

Malloy of Sydney told Gizmag the idea for the Hoverbike came up during an argument about what an actual flying motorcycle would look like. Using his garage, he custom-built the carbon-fiber airframe attached to a 107-hp BMW boxer-twin engine. The wood rotors with carbon-fiber edges counter-rotate, allowing Malloy to avoid the vertical blade that would make a flying bike hostile to any human occupant.


So far, Malloy has constructed the base vehicle and run a few strap-down tests, but needs additional money and know-how to actually put the craft in the air. But so far there's nothing beyond willpower that would keep the vehicle grounded, and Malloy estimates a production version might run about $40,000.

While Malloy has pedestrian uses in mind for his Hoverbike — like monitoring livestock on Australia's massive farms, or inspecting powerlines — we could see this as the starting point for the greatest spec racing series in the history of man. And if he really wants to take off, he should figure out how to add a second seat.

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