This Home-Built Hillclimb Honda Has All The Downforce Possible

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Michigan is about as close as you can get in the U.S. to the climate of Scandanavian countries. It makes sense that when you combine a long cold winter with bored car folks, they’re bound to build the wildest and craziest stuff possible. That’s exactly the impetus behind Cody Loveland’s 1993 Honda Civic. When you have time and it hurts your face to go outdoors, you tinker in a garage until you’ve built this mad machine.


Loveland has experience with Pikes Peak, having previously run an NSX up the mountain in 2012. That NSX evolved into the Enviate program, which ran in 2017. It’s fair to say Cody has a history of building some wild stuff, and this Civic lives up to the legacy.

The little Honda hatch received a V6 engine from an Acura, which has been additionally augmented with a turbocharger for much higher levels of power than before. In addition to that is a full Alumalite flat floor, a giant front splitter sourced from the Enviate, and a similar single-element rear wing is hoisted high above the Civic’s roof, while a small spoiler sits below it for a little more downforce.


While the car was built with hillclimb in mind, it’s still a work in progress, and hasn’t yet been accepted to race at Pikes Peak.

I, for one, believe this little street legal (!) Honda would be an absolutely rad addition to the field in this year’s climb to the clouds.

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Side note: What’s the deal with all the car guys who think a rear wing is pointless on a FWD car?