This Home-Brew Subaru WRX STI Dirt Buggy Is Terrifyingly Awesome

Gif: Creevagh1 on YouTube

Where I live in northern Nevada, the surrounding land is largely unpopulated high desert and mountains. Within a few dozen miles, there are entrances to large swathes of wide open public land. While a lot of it is not navigable by car, there are huge segments that are little more than untouched sand. That’s where something like this would be an absolute rip.


This buggy was built from the leftover drivetrain of a Subaru WRX STI, and some steel tubing. There isn’t much information available on the car, as the descriptions of his various YouTube videos don’t have many words in them. It appears that this thing has the engine slung way out in front of the front axle, and the rear axle has been moved forward by a number of feet. Equal parts scary and fun, then.

Some friends and I have tossed around the idea of laying out a dirt race course in the middle of the desert and running a spec racing series with about four home-built concoctions racing wheel to wheel. Maybe something like this is in our collective futures. Perhaps with better door bars, and definitely with window nets/hand restraints.

With enough planning and forethought, this could be a great daily driver, too. Maybe I’m the only one who is that crazy.

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Terrifying is the word. Didnt some guy kill himself recently in something eerily resembling this? ...