This Hemi-Swapped Plymouth Prowler Finally Backs Up Its Looks With Power

"Don't confuse this with your father's Prowler. You'll know in a minute."

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When the Plymouth Prowler first graced us with its presence, 25 years ago, it was not particularly well-loved. It had a loud-but-slow six-cylinder, a four-speed automatic, and nearly half of its parts were shared with sedans or minivans. The first of those issues was the big one — when Chip Foose originally penned the design study that would become the Prowler, it had a Hemi V8 mounted behind those two seats.

Now, one intrepid owner has righted that historic wrong. While the engine still sits between the front wheels, the newly cowled hood hides a 6.1-liter Hemi crate engine. Paired with a big cam and a high-flowing exhaust, it sounds as mean as the Prowler always looked. Take a listen:

Interestingly, that engine is still hooked up to the factory transaxle. It’s been upgraded to handle the Hemi’s additional horsepower and torque, but the buyer of this Prowler won’t be rowing their own gears any time soon. At least they’ll have AC while they cruise around.


That buyer could also be paying above the Prowler’s original MSRP to own this ‘roided-out hot rod. The car’s Bring A Trailer auction has just over two hours left, but the current bid is already up to $32,251. As is tradition on the site, the price will likely spike in the last few minutes. Personally, I’m expecting a sale price that starts with a four.


For that money, though, it would certainly be one of the most unique driving experiences out there. The car is located in Newtown, PA, and driving it back home would likely be a blast — even if the Prowler isn’t exactly known for its road-trip prowess.

Just make sure to do a few burnouts before, during, and after the drive. The Prowler is a ‘90s interpretation of a ‘30s hot rod — it would be sacrilege to keep those rear tires in good shape.