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This Heartbreaking Ad Will Make You Think Twice About Speeding

There's nothing in the world I love more than driving fast. That's why this TV commercial from New Zealand illustrates my worst nightmare.


Here's the scenario: You're driving on a public road at a high speed on a nice day, confident in your skills behind the wheel and your ability to avert a crisis if necessary. Then, suddenly, you make a mistake, or another driver does. Someone gets injured or even killed. Now cars aren't fun anymore.

The point of the ad is this: When you drive, leave some room for error. I think that's an idea we can all agree with.


Hat tip to Red John!

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From an American POV, this is a pretty contrived situation: 2-lane road with no shoulder. And no way that the guys running 80-100 mph in that car on such roads per the speedo.

But then it's an advert with all the subtlety and truth of a NHTSA piece of shit.

When I'm running on controlled access freeways and interstates, without cross / oncoming traffic, I have no issue speeding when conditions allow.