This Has To Be The Worst Way To Drive Through A Flood

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Flood waters make for dangerous driving, folks. Heavy high-clearance vehicles can make it through slightly deeper stuff than your average sedan, but if you drive straight off the road and into a swamp you’re going to have a bad time.

This road looks pretty closed, right? I thought so too. Driving around rescue vehicles and road blocks was the dingus in this Chevy Avalanche’s first mistake. But I suppose I could see how water over this causeway wouldn’t look too deep. And the Chev has decent ground clearance. So maybe it had a chance! Until the pilot went ahead and cranked left to drive right off the deep end.


The WCBD already has more than 5 million views on this video they put up last week, so I’m going to guess this guy won’t have a lot of luck with his insurance company. Do not be like him, please.

Texas has been inundated with rain and rising water in April, so hopefully they get lots of “May flowers” (isn’t that a saying somewhere?) but in the meantime residents are having a really hard time getting around.


AP reports that the “swollen Colorado River” has forced some people to evacuate homes in the Houston area and closed roads, especially causeways over soggy spots.

The National Weather Service has a saying: “turn around don’t drown.” It’s pretty good advice to take if the road ahead of you is covered in water.

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