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This Has To Be One Of The Most Exhilarating P-51 Mustang Videos Ever

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's amazing to think that the P-51D Mustang named “Quick Silver” was cobbled together from over 200 different Mustang parts and projects. It just looks too good sitting on the ramp. But no matter how good she looks sitting still, sitting on her horizontal stabilizer during extreme maneuvers, as seen in this awesome video, is simply a dream.

Make sure to click “HD” to watch this video in all its detailed glory:


For mobile users who do not have flash, click here to be taken to Quick Silver’s Facebook page to watch the video.

Quick Silver is the father-son warbird dream project by Bill and Scooter Yoak, and is flown at air shows around the country as an honor to veterans. Bill did all the metal work and fabrication on Quick Silver by hand, and his son flies the crap out of it.


If you haven’t heard a Mustang's roar in person, make sure to get out to an air show or fly-in this summer so that you can check that off your bucket list. Pick one where Quick Silver is appearing, like Tyndall AFB’s open house next weekend (4/11 and 4/12). Our good friend Greg Coyer and his T-33 Ace Maker will also be in attendance, along with the F-22 and the Thunderbirds.

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