This Guy's Subaru Impreza Was Stolen Right After He Bought It

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Eric Gearhart, a car photographer from Washington, flew down to Missouri to pick up a 1999 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS from a friend. The Subaru was destined to be raced in rallycrosses and hillclimbs. On his way back to Washington, Eric stopped in Portland for the night. In the morning he found that it was stolen.

Now, he’s trying to get it back. In a Facebook message, Eric explains what happened:

I’ve been a photographer in the auto industry 10plus years. A good Photog buddy of mine is getting married, needed new hardwood floors etc. so he posted his 99 Subaru 2.5rs to a good home that would use it for racing! I currently own a 89 Skyline GTR I imported, an AWD Celica and a more nostalgic Japanese cars. So, I offered to buy his Subi, intended for autoX RallyX and hillclimbs in the Pacific Northwest. I flew out Thursday night after work. Arrived at 4:30 am in St Louis. We saw the arch and a few sights. Then I hit the road! Missouri was dark, Kansas was boring so I pushed all the way to Grand Junction Colorado Friday. Spent All Saturday cruising through Moab and Arches National Park. Saw the impending snow storm in the northwest drove out to Boise by 2am, cleared the blues Pass. Then managed to make it to Portland last night.

I work at 7am, so at 630 I walked out to the street, didn’t see it... walked up and down the block since it’s not my home town. And then realized where it should have been and wasn’t. There was fresh broken glass on top of the snow that happened from 8pm-midnight.


Eric says the car is a 1999 Impreza 2.5 RS with 130,000 miles. Painted in rally blue, it has a new motor with just 800 miles, an STI suspension, exhaust and other upgrades.

Anyone with any information regarding Eric’s Subaru is encouraged to call the Gresham, Oregon Police department.


(Correction: Earlier the post said that Eric drove to Missouri. He actually flew. The error has been corrected.)