This Guy's Obsession With Porsche 911 Safaris Is Frighteningly Intense

(Image Credits: Porsche/YouTube)

Does it get more cliché than a German doctor with a motto (“let’s do it, full speed”) channeling an unfathomable depth of intensity into restoring and driving classic Porsches? No, but Dr. Erik Brandenburg is our kind of crazy.

In this beautifully cinematic interview with 9:11 Magazine, Brandenburg explains that his work as a surgeon puts extreme stress and death in front of him on a daily basis. This, apparently, is what inspires him to be relentlessly ambitious in his personal life, which revolves around playing with Porsches. And of course, he only picks the best ones to mess with.

If Dr. Brandenburg hadn’t become consumed by these cars, he could have had a great second career as an 80s ski movie villain. But if you pay attention to the subtitles over this gorgeous footage of old 911s kicking up dirt, Brandenburg’s obsession seems borderline unhealthy.


In Brandenburg’s defense, he’s right, it doesn’t get much cooler or more extreme than off-road rally racing in a Porsche 911. But the mantras he recites in this interview make me want to give him a hug and tell him everything’s okay.

Can’t argue with with his results though, even if his methodology is, uh, a little intimidating.

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