This Guy Who Flipped His Lamborghini Had Two Kids In The Car

Image Credit: Shirley Police Department

I am all for taking your car out for a joyride, especially if it’s a fun car that is meant to be enjoyed. Keeping a perfectly good and working supercar in the garage is a crime. I just ask that you try not to, um, flip it—especially when your kids are inside.

Last week, a Lamborghini Murcielago flipped near the town line of Shirley, Massachusetts. The news came to us from a now-deleted post on the Shirley community Facebook page.


The Shirley Chief of Police, Thomas J. Goulden II, emailed us the following regarding the incident:

At approx. 07:32 PM on July 27, 2016, Shirley Police responded to the area of Lancaster Road for the report of a single car crash involving a 2007 Lamborghini Murcielago. The operator was a 37 year old male from Swansboro, North Carolina visiting family in the area. The operator and two minor children were not injured in the crash and refused medical attention.

The Operator claimed he became distracted and lost control of the vehicle causing it to roll over landing on its roof. The operator was cited for the following motor vehicle violations:

Operating after Suspension, Marked Lane Violation, Unreasonable and Improper Speed.

The Shirley Police will be bringing forward another citation for Operating to Endanger because of the two minor children involved.

Image Credit: Shirley Police Department

I’m glad to hear that nobody was seriously injured, but really, dude? Speeding with kids in the car with a suspended license?


And how did he manage to fit two kids in a two-seater coupe with himself? Did he stack them?

Makes you wonder how he got that license suspended in the first place.

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