This Guy Wants To Have A Porsche 911 In Every Color

Rudy Mancinas is a Texan wishing to have a 964 and a 993 Porsche 911 in each color Stuttgart offered it in the catalog. And judging by eGarage’s film, he is getting there just fine.


What started out with a 964 convertible he bough for his wife Paula grow into a collection of 26 air-cooled Porsche 911s. Mr. Mancinas’ favorite color might be Riviera Blue, but that doesn’t mean he won’t fall in love with any other shade of Porsche goodness the moment it gets delivered to his doorstep.

As well as driving his cars regularly “like he stole it”, he also likes to “Rudify” them, upgrading the looks of each with a few personal touches here and there. eGarage has more:

Not a bad hobby to have, not to mention what a good investment 911s are these days.

Forget silver and black. We need more vibrant colors out there. Red is a start.

Photo credit: eGarage

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Rudy Mancinas and people like him are the reason older 911 models are approaching ridiculous sale prices. He is a turd.