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This Guy Turned His Ferrari Into A Mailbox

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Belgium. The country famous for its beers, waffles, being the de-facto capital of the European Union, and Jean-Claude Van Damme. I guess it’s time to add “Ferrari Mondial Mailbox” to that list.


I just love to scroll through our inbox in the morning. This came from PJ De Queker straight from Belgium:

Hello Jalopnik,

As a Belgian, I’ve noticed a bizarre news story in Belgium today that might interest you. Nico Van Lee, a 55 year old Ferrari enthusiast from Genk, Belgium, drove a Ferrari Mondial for a while. It was right-hand drive and not in the best condition, but he was a proud owner driving his dream car.

However, having the steering wheel on the wrong side and especially the rising maintenance costs started to be a problem and in the end he he had to take the car off the road. Especially the cost of replacing the gearbox was the nail in the coffin.

The car wasn’t going anywhere and he started selling off some parts. In the end, it was never going to drive again which made him make a bold decision: to cut off the rear end and convert it into a mailbox. His mother’s house (I can only assume he lives in an apartment himself) now sports a very interesting mailbox next to the driveway.


Save the Mondials? Save the Mondials people! I’ll print those T-shirt right away.

To see the Ferrari mailbox in action, head over to HNL.BE, fire up your Google Translate, and watch the video I sadly can’t embed here.

Hat tip to Pieter!

Photo credit HLN.BE video screencap


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Just delivered mail to the Ferrari mailbox.