This Guy Turned His Corvette Into A Full-Size R/C Car

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Do you often wish you could watch your own car driving around from the outside, but just don’t trust any of your friends to drive it? I can’t say that’s exactly why Bjorn Harms of Urmond, Netherlands modified his C6 Corvette to be remote controlled, but he did, and it’s pretty amazing.

There’s a nice little video of Bjorn and his R/C Vette here:

While people have made full-sized R/C cars before Bjorn did a remarkably clean job on this one, using a series of motors to control various aspects of the car, including steering, throttle, braking, and even gear shifting. The conversion took well over a year, but was less expensive than you might guess, coming in at a bit over $4,000 when converted to American money.


In the video, Bjorn mentions he has a failsafe system in place that applies the brakes if the car gets out of range of the transmitter, which is certainly a good idea, though it won’t keep you from running yourself over if you’re standing too close while whipping donuts in the car from outside.


It’s all really impressive, yet still a bit unsettling to see him driving from the passenger’s seat, or watching him try to get the ‘Vette to drift in an empty parking lot. Well, unsettling maybe, but very cool.

Also, I love the way this guy says “Corfet.”