This Guy Quit His Job And Rode 30k Miles On A Honda Ruckus

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This is Mike. Mike quit his job last May and decided to go on an adventure. He’s nearly 30,000 miles in, traveling from Virginia to Florida to Alaska and everywhere in between, and he’s doing it all on the next best thing to a Honda Grom – a Honda Ruckus.


You’re familiar with the Ruckus. It’s the de facto pit bike and great for running around town, with a single-cylinder 49cc engine mated to a CVT. It gets over 100 MPG, parts are cheap, and working on it is ridiculously easy. It’s the absolute antithesis of the bloated, over-endowed ADV bikes of the world, which makes it a wonderful, nutty thing to take on the road. And Mike is exactly that right breed of nutty.

He started in Virginia, played around in the Appalacian Mountains, then headed south to Florida where he hit the southern-most buoy in Key West. Then he set his GPS to Alaska.

Mike travels light, with just enough stuff and spares to fix what needs fixing and camp, cook, and keep warm. He’s been at it for nearly a year when the eGarage crew met up with him, and here’s the result:


I can’t hear the video at work so I can’t honestly conclude if this guy is just another bearded aviator-wearing hipster doing weird stuff just to be a hipster or if he’s just plain cool. I want to believe the latter.

Also, how in the world does one keep their sanity on a Ruckus across the plains? It tops out at 35mph so you can’t use highways, right?