Illustration for article titled ​This Guy Is Making A Two-Stroke V8 Volvo Amazon Because Why Not?

You learn something new every day. And today, I found out that a company with the wonderful name Evinrude made a two-stroke V8 for use as an outboard motor back in the 80s. And now that motor is now finding a home in some Swede's Volvo Amazon.


There isn't much detail on Rudezon's Facebook page, but he's taken the shell of a 122 coupe, wrapped it around a custom tube frame, and then plugged in that 4.0-liter corn popper. From what I can gather, it's putting out around 250 hp and 300 pound-feet of torque, and Herr Rudezon intends to make a drag car.

Here's a video of the engine in action, although it's not the one our new Swedish hero is actually fitting. Headphones on, volume up.

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