This Guy Drove 112 Miles On Water With A Snowmobile

Last year's Watercross European Champion Antti Holmberg set a new world record by driving a snowmobile on water for about 3 hours at an average of 37 mph. Welcome to Finland.


We got a letter from our reader Ezzy:

Ivalo, Finland. Population about 4000.

Antti Holmberg, a 2012 Watercross European Champion, broke a world record for driving on water with a snowmobile. Total distance of 111.9 miles took him around 3 hours with an average speed of 37.03 mph. The route was from the center of Ivalo to Inari and back via connecting rivers and lakes.

"The previous Guinness World Record was a mere 40 miles, but "someone" in Sweden had done 105 miles, so that was the goal", he said beforehand.

He prepared with about 15 gallon of gas, of which 5 gallon was in a separate container which enabled on-the-go fill-up. Antti almost ran out of fuel towards the end of his goal, but his team supplied another 1.3 gallon with a water jet. The team also had 2 boats and the snowmobile itself was also equipped with rapidly inflatable pontoons in case he didn't make it and had to be towed back to shore.

Hundreds of locals cheered him on from the shore on the starting line.

And that's another reason why we love Scandinavians.

Hat tip to Esa Edvik!

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Turbineguy: Nom de Zoom

Must have been an exciting Finnish..

I'll see myself out now.