This Guy Drove 1000 Miles Across America In A Japanese Kei Van And Wasn't Blown To Smithereens

If you hopped into a Suzuki Every Turbo and hoofed your way across the tornado-prone plains, would you get wind-blown off the road to a grisly and crumply death? Probably! But this guy survived it.

This is, or rather was, Lone Star Drift’s little Kei van. ‘Kei’ cars are a classification of sort of demi-vehicles in Japan with limited dimensions and limited engines, designed to work and fit in dense cities.


Iowa was not on the engineering brief.

But this thing just about made its trip down the middle of America, buzzing at around 6,000 RPM for just about 60 miles per hour. If you dream of living the Kei life here in America—(why?)—watch this video and know that it’s doable.

You’re basically buying into a four-wheeled motorcycle with a hat, but it can be done.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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2nd Gear Start

2000 miles from Arkansas to California across the panhandle of Texas in the middle of winter.

8 feet tall and very very brick-like. Zero wind issues.

Also, 40 to 45 mph the entire way.

A heater that did not produce heat, cruise control and power steering that never existed.

God I miss that truck.