Our ‘Ring-going friends at Bridge To Gantry got extremely lucky when Alfa Romeo decided to take the new Giulia out onto the Nürburgring during amateur hour. Luckily for us they already had a camera set up, and the ability to keep up.

Their SEAT Leon Cupra never managed to lose sight of the Giulia as the pair flew past other drivers in a fun little game of prototype-testing cat and mouse.


The Giulia boasts a Ferrari-derived 510hp V6 moving around 3,300 lbs of car with a perfect 50 / 50 weight distribution.

See Hollywood, you can do a car chase with a 200 million dollar budget, or just get a guy in a SEAT and give him a GoPro.


This is probably the only time you’ll actually get away with being involved in a car chase. I can’t wait to see more of the Alfa.

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