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This Guy Built A Sit Down Racing Sim Rig For An Atari Racing Game

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This hack right here has to be the greatest level of difference between the sophistication of the physical racing sim setup to the actual sophistication of the game its designed to work with. It's a full sit-down racing cockpit for Activision's 1983 4K racing masterpiece, Enduro.


The rig was built by a Brazilian fellow who goes by Rafael MSP, and as someone with a bit of experience in ridiculous, overdone Atari controllers, I think it's terrific. The setup is sort of like a standard but smaller-scale sit-down arcade racing cabinet, and uses a repurposed metal folding chair and what seems to be bike handlebar parts or maybe exercise equipment for the steering wheel.

The game originally just used the regular Atari joystick, which means the wheel actually only has to activate a pair of buttons for left and right, no fancy potentiometers needed. The gas pedal is wired into the joystick's fire button, and the brake wired to the 'down' contact of the joystick.


Enduro was one of the best Atari 2600 racing games, and still remains pretty fun, in a simple way. There's sort of weather changes and day/night/fog shifts in the game, even, so why not give it the setup it deserves? Even if the game takes up less memory than a blank Word file.