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If we stop getting Top Gear in the U.S., you may find yourself saying "THANKS OBAMA!" At least, that's the goal of one law firm riled up over Jeremy Clarkson's latest controversy.


The UK's Guardian reports that discrimination lawyers at the British group Equal Justice plan to write President Obama and other heads of state to ask that they consider banning Top Gear in their countries.

The firm's director, Lawrence Davies, branded the show "racist" and said the leaders of the 214 countries where the show is aired should weigh whether it should be allowed to continue.


Clarkson is accused by the UK's Mirror tabloid of using the n-word in a children's nursery rhyme during a test of the Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ. The Top Gear host responded by saying he tried to avoid the word by mumbling something else, but it still sounded too close for comfort, so he requested another take be done.

That explanation wasn't good enough for Davies, who also represented the Indian-born actress who complained about the word "slope" used in the Burma special earlier this year, and a woman who complained about Top Gear's use of Mexican stereotypes in 2011. Clearly, he has an axe to grind.

The question is, does President Obama? Will he opt to ban Top Gear in America? Most likely the answer is no because a.) he doesn't have the power to do that anyway, b.) he has more important shit to do, and c.) noted Corvette and gaffe enthusiast Joe Biden is probably a huge fan of the show. I think Top Gear is safe here.


For now.

Hat tip to Jonathon!

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