This Gorgeous Stop-Motion Teardown Of A Miata Engine Is Wrenching Porn At Its Finest

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Thanks to miracles of modern science, the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter has become a reality, and some genius YouTuber has decided—for whatever reason—to use it to tear down a 1.6-liter B6ZE Miata engine. Either that, or this amazing video is just stop-motion—it’s not entirely clear.


Few things in this word are as pleasing to the human eye as forged, cast and machined engine internals, but rarely do we get to see them without sweaty, hairy human appendages obstructing the view. Every now and then, though, we come across a stop-motion film (like this one of a Triumph rebuilding itself), and the world becomes a significantly better place.

The latest stop-motion/Maybe Invisible Person Rebuilding An Engine comes from YouTuber How A Car Works. And if you’re a Miata fan, you’ll want to prepare yourself mentally before clicking that little equilateral triangle at the center of the embedded video above.


Alex Muir, who put this video together, told me via email that this project took him 15 days and required 2,500 photos. Oh, and on top of that, he had to dismantle an engine. That’s a ton of work, but I, for one, am grateful for his sacrifice; the video is glorious.