That looks like a Datsun 240Z, doesn't it? It's not — technically it's a Nissan Fairlady Z. And it's not just any run of the mill Z, either. It's something special, and it's going to be up for grabs at an RM Auction soon.

This car is a Fairlady Z 432. While RM Auctions hasn't updated the listing for the car yet, our friends at Road & Track report the number refers to four valve, three carburetor, dual-cam S20 2.0-liter inline six.

That's the same motor as the Skyline GT-R of that era, so it's a smooth, rev-tastic, 7000 RPM engine built for ass-kicking. It also came with a close-ratio five-speed manual and an upgraded limited slip differential. The Z 432 was never sold in America, hence its right-hand drive configuration.

How much could this rare Z command at auction? Japanese classics are starting to command more and more cash at these things as the audience that grew up lusting after them becomes more and more affluent. One of them sold on Bring A Trailer in 2010 for $100,000.


It's being sold with no reserve at the Amelia Island auction on March 14. Get your bids ready now. This Z has, to borrow a phrase from a competitor, some super potential.